In 3 key points

Compared to a traditional mattress


Advanced Thermoregulation Technology


Soft welcome and firm support


Precise gauge spring technology

Innovative Design for Restful Sleep

This 24 cm thick mattress with a plush welcome and firm support features sophisticated engineering, combining pocket springs and Ultrasoft foam for a personalized and regenerative sleep experience. With its independent pocket springs , adapted to follow the contours of your body, it offers targeted support, minimizing pressure points and improving blood circulation .

Anatomy of Quality Sleep - Technical Excellence and Comfort

The “Onyx Douce Lune® Classic Mattress” is a marvel of sleep engineering, each layer contributing to a perfectly balanced whole for your comfort and better spinal alignment, essential for your well-being.

Made with a premium soft, breathable stretch fabric and an integrated filling of 225 g/m² of high quality silicone hollow fibers , this ticking provides an exceptionally soft , plush and comfortable sleeping surface while actively regulating temperature for coolness. constant .

The Pillow Top, embellished with a 3D ventilation strip , ensures effective heat dispersion and superior comfort , thanks to its ability to adapt and react to variations in pressure and temperature .

This comfort foam is specially designed with an open cell structure for improved ventilation , while providing soft support to relieve sensitive pressure points .

Using precision gauge spring technology , each spring is individually pocketed to provide personalized support . The number of springs varies depending on the size of the mattress, ranging from 465 to 957 , in order to maintain uniform weight distribution. This technology allows for better blood circulation and a significant reduction in pressure points.

High-density foam around the edges prevents warping and provides firm support when getting in or out of bed, while reinforcing the structure for long-lasting use .

At the bottom, a layer of high-density high-resilience foam provides a solid base . It works in concert with the springs to absorb shock , reduce noise and ensure a long life of the mattress.

The mattress is equipped with four turning handles for easy handling, and a sturdy peripheral fabric for a neat aesthetic and long-lasting protection.

The underside of the mattress includes a 150 gr/m² fiber filling and a 3D non-slip fabric with circulating and breathable air to guarantee perfect stability on any type of bed base. This covering is also resistant to wear and humidity , thus contributing to the preservation of the mattress and your sleep hygiene .

Undisturbed Sleep

Discover transformed sleep with our mattress: pocket springs for motion isolation and Ultrasoft foam for soft comfort. The support is reinforced by a 225 gr/m² fiber filling , ensuring superior sleep quality. With excellent ventilation and eco-responsible materials , this mattress is the promise of serene and regenerating nights.

Onyx Hybrid Mattress: TOUCH OF WELL-BEING

The very essence of comfort , Onyx Hybrid , is characterized by an exceptional feeling of well-being coupled with advanced protection . Its unique structure promotes optimal air circulation , ensuring freshness and enveloping warmth , transforming every night into a deeply comfortable sleeping experience.

Environmental Commitments and Quality Standards

Complies with CERTIPUR , OEKO-TEX , AFNOR and Non-fire standards (NF EN 597-1&2) ensuring safety and respect for the environment.

Why Choose The Onyx Hybrid Mattress?

Our mattress is at the cutting edge of innovation , respecting CERTIPUR, OEKO-TEX, and AFNOR standards , and benefits from Fire-resistant certification (NF EN 597-1&2) . Safety , comfort , and environmental commitment are our watchwords, ensuring superior quality while guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances . Choose excellence for peaceful and eco-responsible nights.

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The confidence we have in our Douce Lune® products is reflected in our generous warranty . Your mattress comes with a 10-year warranty , covering all manufacturing defects and sagging . Because we believe in the sustainability and quality of what we create.

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With our fee-free payment option in 4 installments , you can spread your investment over several months without worrying about additional interest . It's simple and transparent .

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