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Immerse yourself in the heavenly comfort of the NUAGE PLUS Mattress

Designed to give you a divine sleeping experience. This mattress combines aesthetics and functionality thanks to its 100% natural viscose Jacquard fabric, offering resistance and comfort . Optimized for ventilation and support, each layer of the Nuage Plus has been designed to improve your sleep, from the ultra-soft surface to the firm and stable base.

Choose Nuage Plus for a peaceful and restful night's sleep, and wake up every day with a feeling of freshness and well-being.

The NUAGE PLUS Mattress reveals its secrets

Each layer is a layer of comfort and well-being, designed to provide an unparalleled night's sleep. Cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship come together to create a nighttime haven.

This high quality fabric, created by Joseph Marie Jacquard, combines aesthetics and functionality. The Jacquard technique weaves detailed patterns for a unique touch of elegance, while providing superior strength and comfort, essential for restful sleep.

This filling offers exceptional insulation and additional volume, improving the overall comfort of the mattress. Hollow fibers act as thermal and sound insulators, providing a cozy and quiet nest for a peaceful night's sleep.

This innovative foam adapts perfectly to the silhouette, ensuring equitable distribution of pressure throughout the body. It promotes better blood circulation and optimal alignment of the spine, eliminating pain and nighttime discomfort.

Offering a softer, less supportive feel than high-density foam, this layer is ideal for those looking for plush comfort without sacrificing support. It allows gentle immersion and immediate relief at bedtime.

Complementary to the previous layer , this memory foam ensures personalized support and homogeneous pressure distribution. It adapts to different sleeping positions, offering a night without interruptions or pressure points.

This support layer evenly distributes the sleeper's weight, relieving pressure points and contributing to restful sleep. It provides the perfect balance between plush comfort and firm support.

Same as the previous layer in terms of density, but with increased firmness for more robust support. It guarantees good weight distribution and correct alignment of the spine, essential for quality sleep.

Designed to optimize air circulation, the Jacquard bed significantly improves the ventilation of the mattress. It helps create a cool, dry sleeping environment, reducing nighttime sweating and increasing overall comfort.

This superior quality fabric not only protects the mattress but also ensures its stability on any type of box spring. It prevents the mattress from moving, thus increasing safety and extending its lifespan.

The zipper system allows the cover to be easily removed for dry cleaning. This feature contributes to better hygiene and mattress freshness, essential for a healthy sleeping environment.

Adopt the Nuage Plus Mattress for transformed nights

The Nuage Plus mattress embodies the excellence of sleep, harmoniously merging precise support, enveloping welcome and durability. It represents the key to complete nighttime regeneration, preparing you to welcome each new day with vitality and serenity. Don't leave your night's rest to chance; opt for NUAGE PLUS for nights of softness and perfect alignment .


Choosing Nuage Plus means embarking on a nocturnal odyssey, where every detail is designed to transcend your sleeping experience. Let yourself be enveloped by a cloud of softness, where each night becomes a revelation of absolute well-being. With Nuage Plus, each bedtime is an invitation to a restorative journey, a promise of support and relaxation.

Environmental Commitments and Quality Standards

Complies with CERTIPUR , OEKO-TEX , and AFNOR standards, ensuring safety and respect for the environment.

Effortless Maintenance

With the Douce Lune® Classic Nuage Mattress, cleaning is child's play. The removable cover is easily detachable and machine washable , meaning you can always sleep on a fresh, clean mattress.

Why Choose the PROMETHEUS Hybrid Mattress ?

Our mattress is at the forefront of innovation , respecting CERTIPUR, OEKO-TEX standards , comfort , and environmental commitment are our key words, ensuring superior quality while guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances . Choose excellence for peaceful and eco-responsible nights.

We're giving you 14 nights to try it . If for any reason it does not fully meet your expectations, contact us. Not only will we refund you in full , but we will also collect the order from your home . Your peace of mind is our priority.

The confidence we have in our Douce Lune® products is reflected in our generous warranty . Your mattress comes with a 10-year warranty , covering all manufacturing defects and sagging . Because we believe in the sustainability and quality of what we create.

We want your shopping experience to be as smooth as our mattresses. That's why we offer free shipping and 14 days to try your product . Our ordering process is simple, fast, and hassle-free.

With our fee-free payment option in 4 installments , you can spread your investment over several months without worrying about additional interest . It's simple and transparent .

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